Vitamins in COSMESI

Finally, the long-awaited warmth has come. And it is precisely this season that it is crucial not only to feed properly, but also to choose beauty products that do not mourn the skin, nourish and help fight the loss of fluids.

How to choose the right products then? First of all, we understand the characteristics of vitamins present in many of them. Vitamins are valuable antioxidants essential to human life, but our body is unable to produce. That is why we must take them through a healthy and correct diet. Useful in both nutritional and dermocosmetic fields, vitamins are particularly effective in preventing and treating cutaneous aging.

We start from Vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic Acid found in foods of animal origin and vegetable origin such as legumes, peas, liver, and yeast. Panthenol (the precursor of year B5) is a great element for moisturizing and soothing. Its ability to improve the skin’s barrier makes its presence inside creams perform a softening, anti-inflammatory and itchy action. It promotes cellular renewal, healing processes and prevents fragility of nails and hair stimulating growth.

Vitamin B3 (or PP or niacinamide) particularly abundant in anchovies, tuna, salmon and whole grains, in addition to having important nutritional values, contributes to its beneficial effects with its topical application. It is particularly indicated as it favors the production of some keratin components by combating skin aging. Increases collagen synthesis by reducing the depth of wrinkles. It has a brightening effect on skin stains, in fact acts by inhibiting the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes.

Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, contained in strawberries, pineapples, lettuces, tomatoes, is definitely one of the most used ingredients in cosmetics. It stimulates collagen biosynthesis and is an excellent antioxidant, anti-age. Its presence within cosmetic formulations guarantees a more luminous, toned and elastic skin.

Although we are commonly called it Vitamin A, (present as pro-vitamin A in yellow, orange foods) generally refers to a series of biologically similar compounds commonly defined as Retinoids.
In cosmetology and dermatology, its use is particularly suitable for the treatment of acne, eczema, skin discoloration, protection against the action of free radicals.
By strong anti-wrinkle and elasticizing action, it is used in anti-aging treatments.

Last but not least, Vitamin E, the antioxidant par excellence. It protects the skin from the appearance of the first wrinkles, keeping it elastic, soft and toned. Very used in cosmetics, as it effectively improves skin surface conditions, acts as a protector of the action of free radicals and oxidative stress.