Hair after summer

Summer is now dripping and it is time to take care of their own hair. The sun, salt and chlorine may have made our opaque, dull and damaged hair. But do not be afraid, there is a remedy.

The first thing to do is choose the most suitable shampoo according to hair type and needs. Remember that it is not the quantity to make a difference as to the quality.

It is equally important to apply the balm to the still wet hair: it will make them lighter and easier to comb.
If we want an even more surprising effect it is advisable to apply a nutrient-based wrap and our hair will come back soft and silky. After the summer, in fact, the password is nourished by using delicate products and with neutral pH to restore tone, elasticity and brightness.

Avoid horseshoes, chinos, and hairpins: prolonged use tends to weaken the hair and make it more off, better to prefer gel or lacquer (provided natural and delicate).

Finally, let’s not forget that our beauty also depends on what we eat. Protein-rich foods and vitamin B will help us have healthy and shiny hairs.