Dark circles

Tired and heavy face with showy dark circles ?! Let’s try to understand together what are the causes and how to fix it.

Dark circles can appear for several reasons: lack of sleep or if you are sleeping in an agitated manner, in states of stress and fatigue in certain periods of your life, or in the presence of allergies and intolerances. It ‘also true that the skin below the eyes is so thin that goes to dwindle more and more with each passing year as to make even more visible blood vessels.

All this leads to accentuate the unwanted dark circles.

Even in case of water or iron deficiency retention, you may submit these unsightly bearings under the eyes.

As always, our skin is the litmus test of the health status of our body, so also for eliminating dark circles start supply. Take foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin C to strengthen the capillaries and reduce the swelling. Or you resort to the remedy of the grandmother: cucumber slices to be applied as a natural anti mask dark circles.

The next step is the use of an eye cream to decongestant effect to spread in a circular motion until it is absorbed. The cream to be truly effective it must contain active that stimulate microcirculation and help the lymphatic system to drain toxins that often settles in the eye area. draining plant extracts, caffeine and a regenerating and antioxidant substances they are useful to reduce this widespread aesthetic problem.

Finally, use a concealer that contains pigments gold, or honey color to apply to the under eye, blending with the pad from root of the nose to the temples.

Last but not least, try to rest well and to lead a healthy lifestyle and regular and your body will thank you! 😉