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Vitamins in COSMESI

Vitamins in COSMESI Finally, the long-awaited warmth has come. And it is precisely this season that it is crucial not only to feed properly, but also to choose beauty products that do not mourn the skin, nourish and help fight the loss of fluids. How… Read More »Vitamins in COSMESI

Hair after summer

Hair after summer Summer is now dripping and it is time to take care of their own hair. The sun, salt and chlorine may have made our opaque, dull and damaged hair. But do not be afraid, there is a remedy. The first thing to… Read More »Hair after summer

Essential oils

Essential oils The scent of freshly baked cookies, the smell of rain, the sweet fragrance of a flower: emotions, memories and sensations pass through the smell, the most powerful and ancient of our senses. Perfumes and smells we have heard from children influence our behavior… Read More »Essential oils

What’s behind our products

Transparency, one of our strengths What’s behind our products We have often talked about the active ingredients, the functionality and the effectiveness of our formulations, without ever dwelling on the philosophy and the mission that have characterized our company for almost 50 years. Our products… Read More »What’s behind our products