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Our story


Athena’s was born in 1969 in the green hills of Bologna, from the idea of its founder and current president, Antonio Venturino who, for over 50 years, has been transmitting his passion and profound experience to his collaborators, to create a 100% Made in Italy wellness universe.

In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s the two young, son and daughter, joined the company and began to oversee the production and marketing areas.

1999 – 2001  Athena’s expanded the production facility and implemented automation and Athena’s focused on opening up to new scenarios and began its export activity to various European countries and to the United States. In 2003 the laboratory was extended and was organised with modern equipment. The collaboration with Research & Development has brought to life Natural Cosmetic lines with low environmental impact: cosmetic products rich in active ingredients 100% of Vegetable Origin, conceived with innovative formulas, able to combine effectiveness and appeal in full respect of nature and the environment. Despite the production process has become more and more industrial, the “Recipes” have nevertheless maintained their connotation of craftsmanship which is reflected in the choice of excellent raw materials of proven quality.

50 years later, Athena’s has consolidated its reputation as a “Green” company, able to build customer loyalty because it is able to keep promises in full compliance with its founding values that have always distinguished it.

However, Athena’s is a family business with superior added value which is represented by its team that includes industrious employers who work every day with passion and determination to overcome the most complex challenges of a market that demands an increasing level of credibility and competence.

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