Summer is coming…

On several occasions we have talked about the importance of protecting yourself from the Solar Rays as a cause of premature aging of the skin, erythema, DNA damage.

Nevertheless, we have never stressed the characteristics and the peculiarities of our Solar range with multifunctional features considering the possibility of various Applications of a single product and PHOTOSTABLE, as all of our products are usable also the following year.

Suitable for sensitive and delicate skins, they are particularly suitable for the protection of children. Like all our products, they are dermatologically tested at the University of Ferrara. In addition, to minimize any risk of allergies, there is no parabens and the scent is free of allergens.

Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy: tested for heavy metals nickel, chromium and cobalt

Vegan line, innovative and  multifunctional,  indicated for adults and children that not only guarantees a sunscreen UVA / UVB Photostable protection, but also moisturization, anti-aging and scalding action and a long lasting tan.

A look to the functional ingredients of vegetable origin contained

– Antioxidants Red Vine fighting the onset of free radicals,  keep our skin young preventing the formation of wrinkles and age spots and protecting our skin from the damage of photo-aging.

– The Organic Aloe Vera and the Vitamin E, soothing and re-mineralizing, that take care for the tone and elasticity of our skin.

– The oil Walnut Hull and Carrot Oil, highly moisturizing, contrast the  skin dryness due to sun, salt and wind , prolong and intensify the tan helping to give that particular color bronze and an intense shine.

– Panthenol and Shea Butter: restorative, strengthening the skin’s natural 

– Calendula oil, and natural Bisabolol: effectively soothe sunburn and redness

– Beta-carotene: regenerates and heals skin tissue damaged by sunlight

Suntan oil L’Erboristica is a supertanning 100% vegetable oil WITH NO SUNSCREEN INSIDE. This oil not only assure an intense and long lasting  tanning,  but also counteract skin drying out due to wind, salt and sun

It is also important to use an after sun cream: cream of natural origin. Soft texture, easily absorbed, lightly scented, free of allergens. It intensely moisturizes the skin preventing peeling and prolonging your tan. It effectively soothes sunburn and redness.