Prodotti cosmetici L'Erborisitica Purysens

Natural Cosmetic Line of L’Erboristica, with 100% plant-based active ingredients, developed by Athena's Laboratories for mixed and impure skin with a tendency to acne. expo_purysensPurysens is a natural cosmetic line of L’Erboristica, with innovative and effective formulations, evolved in Athena's Laboratories for the specific treatment of mixed or impure skin or with a tendency to acne. The products of this line natural and non-aggressive on the most sensitive areas to treat, restore balance, working in synergy. The functional ingredients have been carefully selected to reduce the symptomatology (blackheads, oily skin and reddening) and to improve the appearance of skin. The products of the Purysens Line work together to gently cleanse, normalise, purify and moisturise deep down. The 6 products in the line, used constantly as a daily care program, revitalise the most difficult skin, giving a healthy and radiant appearance. In creating this line, Athena's used the skills of the attendees of OPIMM, a protected employment centre that promotes social inclusion.

Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt tested
Athena's, in accordance with European regulations, is opposed to animal testing. Through the ethical entity Vegan OK, certifies this product because it does not contain raw materials of animal origin or obtained through the exploitation of animals.
Solar energy
Zero impact project

Natural Cosmetic Line of L’Erboristica
with 100% plant-based active ingredients,

"The beauty of nature is elusive".
developed by Athena's Laboratories for mixed and impure skin with a tendency to acne.

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Cleansing Facial Emulsion

Lightly foaming facial emulsion-gel cleanser, with a high concentration of active ingredients selected for their purifying,...

Exfoliating Face Cream

This exfoliating cream is both practical and pleasurable to use. The mechanical action of the bamboo microspheres targets the...

Face Mask

This comfortable mask has been specifically designed to delicately absorb impurities and excessive sebum. As well as eliminating...

Face Cream

It’s not only young skin that is affected by imperfections – the more mature can also suffer from mixed and impure skin...

Micellar face tonic

Micellar face tonic based on Hyaluronic acid and AHA, ideal for combined and impure skin. Tones and purify delicately and no...