Oro di Baobab

Commonly called the “tree of life”,  the Baobab tree, or  Adansonia digitata, is a tropical African tree known for its massive and impressive look.The  Baobab Oil, as the other parts, are Organic and processed in Senegal from  cooperatives of local farmers and then distributed in compliance with fair trade. The precious ORO DI BAOBAB line,  uses every part of this plant, rich natural source of nutrition principles and essentials to create a line of products for skin regeneration, toning and firming.

Functional principles:
Organic Baobab Oil: possesses Anti-aging, regenerating, firming and healing characteristics.
Organic Baobab fruit powder: used as a dietary supplement and in cosmetics has soothing and mineralizing properties.
Organic Baobab leaves extract: sought after for its strong antioxidant capacities.

Active principles: Vitamin C, B-group vitamins, Calcium,  Iron, Manganese, Amino acids

Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt tested
Athena's, in accordance with European regulations, is opposed to animal testing. Through the ethical entity Vegan OK, certifies this product because it does not contain raw materials of animal origin or obtained through the exploitation of animals.
Solar energy
Zero impact project

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