The Macadamia Oil (Macadamia Ternifolia) is obtained by pressing the Macadamia nut, fruit native to the rain forests of Australia. Thanks to the high content of essential fatty acids and precious antioxidants, is widely recognized, as like as the Shea Butter, for its restructuring, restorative and moisturizing power on skin and hair, limiting the damage of time and cellular aging.

Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt tested
Athena's, in accordance with European regulations, is opposed to animal testing. Through the ethical entity Vegan OK, certifies this product because it does not contain raw materials of animal origin or obtained through the exploitation of animals.
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Shower mousse

Extremely delicate formulation, based on surface-active agents of vegetable origin; it provides a creamy foam, with a sweet and...

Body cream

Body cream formulated with functional ingredients of vegetable origin. Vo­luptuous and enveloping emulsion, also perfect for...

Liquid soap

Delicate liquid soap formulated with surface-active agents of vegetable origin, with soft and creamy foam. Ideal for daily use...

Body and hair oil

Macadamia and Shea butter vegetable oil, sweet and enveloping fragrance. It is absorbed quickly and is not greasy. Leaves skin...