Research and Development Laboratory

Athena’s has a Research and Development Laboratory equipped to develop and follow the entire production process, from formulation to the implementation of unique and high-quality products. Its creative and professional staff with extensive experience in the field provides innovative and effective cosmetic solutions. The constant updating on new techniques and scientific progress, in addition to an open and curious attitude towards the suggestions and market trends, make the Research and Development Laboratory the true heart of the company. Working hand-in-hand with the company’s mission, respectful of the environmental resources and the social context, the Research and Development Laboratory has intensified its specialization in the context of “green” cosmetics. With this goal, over the last 10 years it has focused on an increasing number of products of low environmental impact, in the broadest sense of the term:
  • low ecological impact in the selection of ingredients, packaging and the use of green energy;
  • low economic impact, offering products with a high quality/price ratio;
  • high social impact, enhancing what our territory has to offer, making use of the collaboration of people with disabilities or rather, in fact, their abilities.
The result of numerous synergies is a range of prêt-à-porter products that is wide in terms of solutions, types and formulation, among other aspects. The high level of skills combined with flexibility make the Laboratory team an ideal partner for companies wishing to develop projects in Private Label. Projects on behalf of Third Parties, both for the National and International market, developed within the Research and Development Laboratory, have always been and continue to be a showpiece of the business know-how. Safety and quality of products is guaranteed by the tests performed, making use of the precious collaboration with the Department of Cosmetology at the University of Ferrara for the realization of assessment studies of efficacy and eye and skin tolerability tests, in addition to the microbiological control on every production batch.

Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt tested
Athena's, in accordance with European regulations, is opposed to animal testing. Through the ethical entity Vegan OK, certifies this product because it does not contain raw materials of animal origin or obtained through the exploitation of animals.
Solar energy
Zero impact project

"Il vero viaggio di scoperta non consiste nel cercare nuove terre, ma nell'avere nuovi occhi." (M. Proust)