World Earth Day

Tomorrow, we celebrate the World Earth Day, an event that wants to celebrate the environment and the preservation of the Earth.

Founded in 1970 has now become an educational and informative event. On this occasion they are put under the magnifying glass to problems such as pollution of air, water and soil, depletion of non-renewable resources such as coal, oil and natural gas and the importance of protecting plant and animal species that day day they go extinct.



Among the proposed solutions have a primary role conscious recycling, banning the use of harmful chemicals and the protection of flora and fauna.

In our almost 50 years of activity we have always acted in accordance with our planet aware of the attention and care it deserves.

Our certifications are a clear demonstration of this commitment.

Thanks to the new photovoltaic system Athena’s uses, for over 80% of its needs, clean energy.

The line “L’Erboristica di Athena’s dal 1969” partecipates in LifeGate’s Impatto Zero Project: all CO2 emissions from industrial production processes are compensated with the purchase of carbon credits, corresponding to forest establishment and maintenance activities.

We exclusively use bottles, boxes and packaging in recycled and /or recyclable materials and ingredients biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Organic Cosmetic Checked and certified by BIOS.

 We are and we will always be oriented towards what we call “green cosmetics”, providing our consumers with low environmental impact products with active ingredients 100% natural and proven.