To clarify the speech ” Cruelty Free “

We try to clarify on “Cruelty Free” speech and labeling present on cosmetic products.
The 11th March, 2013 came into force the European Directive 2003/15/EC which prohibits exhaustively across Europe on animal testing of finished products and raw materials used in the formulations.
Starting then from this Directive, advertisers for cosmetics as not tested on animals is not doing nothing but emphasize characteristics shared with all other cosmetic manufacturers.
What happened before the approval of this directive? It was possible to enter the countries of the European Union cosmetic products whose ingredients or the formulation of which they had been subjected to repeated-dose toxicity, reproductive toxicity and / or toxicokinetics of animals.
The consumer then, to avoid the purchase of these products, had to pay attention to the content of the labels and select only those companies who declared that their cosmetics were cruelty free (for both the finished product and the ingredients either singly or in combination) . Hence the presence on the label of the famous bunny and / or the phrase “Cruelty Free” / “Not tested on animals” was a very thick discriminating.
The moment the assumption that some texts manufacturer came into effect a total ban on testing any element of a cosmetic product on animals , the presence of such labels is entirely superfluous , but … may be misleading as it creeps into the consumer on animals their products .
If indeed so , all cosmetic products in Europe are cruelty free what is the certification which belongs to LAV, an organization that promotes the international standard “Stop animal testing ” ?
We analyze first of what it provides this standard :
– Not make ( directly or ordered to third parties ) animal tests
– Monitor their suppliers and manufacturers because they adhere to the commitment not to test on animals for cosmetic raw materials after the date fixed in the standard subscription
– Do not use ingredients from the killing of animals.
Both the first and the second point are already guaranteed by the law, then do not add distinctive characteristics to the product . The third point is inherent to the origin of the ingredients and does not touch the animals “test ” appearance.
With this article we want to clarify on cruelty free speech and the absence on the packaging of our products of the famous bunny “save animals “. Always, from the beginning, we have pursued a consistent research and development that does not impact in any way on the environment, aware and assured of the fact that certain results can also be achieved without animal testing because every living thing has an importance and a key role on our planet.