What’s behind our products.

Foto sede Athena's Pianoro
We have often talked about the active ingredients, the functionality and the effectiveness of our formulations, without ever dwelling on the philosophy and the mission that have characterized our company for almost 50 years. Our products have always been the result of research, production and processing at our factory in...
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Foods to Reinforce Your Hair

Needless to hide, we are all madly in love with our hair, spend hours and hours to brush them, curl them, smooth them and impel them. But who knows why, they are never like we want them: those who have smooths would like them curly, those who are thick would...
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As good as precious for our body

Pomegranate is the classic autumn fruit: it recalls its colors, sensations and aromas. Like an apple, it hides so many small red grains from the rough aftertaste.

Always linked to the...
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SPF not only in summer!

Our skin is constantly exposed to external factors such as sun, cold, wind, smog and other pollutants that affect its health. Here it is important to protect it not only in the summer months, but also during the rest of the year. If it is true that sunburns B, which...
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Essential oils

The scent of freshly baked cookies, the smell of rain, the sweet fragrance of a flower: emotions, memories and sensations pass through the smell, the most powerful and ancient of our senses. Perfumes and smells we have heard from children influence our behavior and recall episodes and situations that we...
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Skin care in adolescent age

Changes are always a little traumatic, especially if it is puberty. The body changes, the mood is swelling and often the skin of teenagers lives a problematic state. At this stage, the production of growth hormones increases with effects on the body and in particular on skin and hair. Bruises...
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Hair after summer

Summer is now dripping and it is time to take care of their own hair. The sun, salt and chlorine may have made our opaque, dull and damaged hair. But do not be afraid, there is a remedy. The first thing to do is choose the most suitable shampoo according...
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Beauty Nught Routine

You know the night brings advice and, with the right attention, even pampering beauty. Do not you believe it? Read here ... Let's start by telling you that the best natural antiage is a quality sleeping. Quiet and relaxed sleep helps improve your incarnated health. Read More

Hydration: Summer more than ever

  The words in summer are sunny, hot and ... afa !! The long-awaited season of the swimsuit is a little less loved by those who have to spend the hottest months of the year in the city. Whether you are at sea, in the countryside or in the city, however, it...
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Micellar Water: What is it and what is it for?

  It's a beauty product that has been in the market for years, but only in the last period is gaining a certain reputation. Its peculiarity is that it is soothing and toning together: a single product to tame and clean your face without having to weigh the skin with...
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Vitamins in COSMESI

Finally, the long-awaited warmth has come. And it is precisely this season that it is crucial not only to feed properly, but also to choose beauty products that do not mourn the skin, nourish and help fight the loss of fluids.   How to choose the right products then? First...
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Coconut oil: a caress for the body

Just to talk about it comes wonderful memories of exotic beaches, tropical climate and the sweetness of tasty cocktails to sip under a palm tree. But coconut is not just this, it is also a precious ally for your skin and your hair.   Read More