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W ALOE VERA !! A plant with 100 active ingredients  For such an extraordinary plant, Athena’s Laboratories have created a natural cosmetic line with 50% organic Aloe Vera from certified cultivation, containing and enhancing all its properties. Aloe Vera or Barbadensis was already known over 6000 years ago precisely for its extraordinary healing and cosmetic properties, so much so that is was known in ancient Egypt as the plant of immortality. The strength of this wonderful plant does not lie in the presence of any active ingredient but in the synergistic effect that all its numerous constituents have on the human body: amino acids, polysaccharides, mineral salts, vitamins, enzymes and sterols, to mention just a few of the complexes contained in the plant.

Similarly impressive is the list of its therapeutic and beneficial properties not only for the immune system, blood circulation and digestive system but also and above all for our skin.

  • It detoxifies, purifies, moisturizes and protects, stimulates the metabolism and cell regeneration.

  • A powerful antioxidant, it fights the signs of aging by improving tissue oxygenation.

  • Its antibacterial and antiseptic action helps our body to balance sebum production.

  • It decongests and helps the skin burnt by the Sun or wind-reddened restoring moisture and freshness.

  • It energizes and vitalizes, playing an important physiological role consisting in the stimulation of fibroblasts which are important for the production of collagen and elastin.

The products of the ALOEBIO50 line not only have a minimum content of 50%Organic Aloe Vera but also have a pleasant natural fragrance, fresh and vital, provided by the lemon, lime and orange extracts that perfectly combine with the mint, jasmine and the most woody notes of musk. The preservative mixture, where used, was classified by environmental and toxicological studies as non-irritating, non-sensitizing and biodegradable.

The line does not contain petrochemical or animal derivatives, SLES/SLS, parabens or alcohol. The line is microbiologically, dermatologically and heavy metal presence tested, and is therefore suitable for delicate and sensitive skin such as that of children.

Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt tested
Solar energy

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Shower mousse

Ideal for sensitive and irritated skin, this gentle mousse owes its extreme delicacy to the vegetable surfactants it contains....

Body cream

Intensely moisturizing and soothing dermoprotective tre­atment. Rich in vegetable derivatives ( Aloe vera 50% pure organic...

Face cream

Easily absorbed soft cream containing high levels (50%) of organic Aloe Vera juice, which is soothing, hydrating, revita­lizing...


With a base of vegetable origin surfactants, this natural for­mula cleanses delicately, and without irritation. Ideal for...

Hair conditioner

A concentrated treatment with a hydrating and revitalising action; restores buoyancy, softness and elasticity even to the most...

Intimate cleanser

This product is specifically formulated to prevent and allevia­te the pain of such everyday irritations and discomforts as...

Gel for legs and feet

A natural treatment specifically formulated for legs and feet. This menthol-based cream-gel is perfect for tired and swollen...

Liquid soap

Ideal for sensitive and irritated skin, this gentle cleanser owes its extremely delicate cleansing action to the vegetable...


100% pure juice of organic Aloe Vera has exceptional SOOTHING, ANTI REDNESS, REHYDRATING and RE­FRESHING properties. The...

Vegetable soap

Vegetable soap enriched with 50% of Aloe Barbadensis pure organic juice, suitable for face and body for all skin typs

Hand cream

Hand cream for healing of dry and reddened hands. Light texture, quick absorption, velvety effect. Soothes and protects from...

Face mask

Face mask fresh, velvety and creaming, with its pleasant textu­re to the touch, brings a surplus of moisturizing and renewing...

Deodorant spray

Fresh & delicate perfume. Natural fluid emulsion. Prevents the formation of sweat, controlling perspiration and...