Micellar Water: What is it and what is it for?


It’s a beauty product that has been in the market for years, but only in the last period is gaining a certain reputation. Its peculiarity is that it is soothing and toning together: a single product to tame and clean your face without having to weigh the skin with too many treatments.

It is composed of micelles: microspheres of vegetable extracts added to water make up just micellar water. The micelles take impurities and makeup remedies leaving the skin clean and hydrated.




It is a product suitable for everyone – both for those who love to have a lot of makeup and for those who do little or nothing – because it keeps the skin clean even in daily hygiene.

Its main feature is that it’s easy to use: just apply it as for a normal make-up removal operation.



Our Laboratories have studied for you three micellar waters:

Lumialift Express Micellar Water Make-up: Natural formulation to mild and detoxify with one gesture the most sensitive skin. The extracts of Viola Tricolor and Rosa Canina with purifying and emollient properties make the fleshlight bright and uniform.

Micellar Cleansing Water “ORO DI BAOBA”:  Fiordaliso water from the soothing properties combined with the leaves of Baobab Biologico make this light and moisturizing solution. Natural lotion for cleansing, cleansing and soothing.



Micellar Face Tonic “PURYSENS” : The extracts of Betulla, Bardana and Erica from the cleansing and purifying effect leave their face bright, compact and without imperfections. It does not contain alcohol, cleans deep and does not interfere with the natural skin protection barrier.