30 years

30 years, a milestone to celebrate, or the moment when we realize that we are becoming old?

Beyond parties or trips to commemorate this significant date, it is with the 30 years that many girls mature a need to take care of their skin. Go past the age of thoughtlessness and the eye cream is no longer just a thing to read in the newspapers, but it becomes a product that you can not do without. And ‘to reaching this age that the aging mechanism begins to take its course, and skin and hair reckoning of all the scarce attention had so far.

Here are some essential products for your beauty.

1) The scrub: if until now you’ve never even considered, it is time to add in your beauty routine because it is precisely this type of cosmetic that removes impurities and dead cells from the pores, removing the skin that aspect off and dusty typical of a dull skin and little oxygenated.

2) The cleanser: If in 20 years the practice was rigged to go to bed because you came home late in the evening, now pluck it out of my mind. And ‘essential the pores acting deep, but cleanse gently.

3) The face mask: it is purifying, hydrating and oxygenating to remove impurities and excess sebum absorption. A must have that from now on will no longer miss in your vanity case.

4) The eye cream: to fight the signs of aging and improve the elasticity of tissues. bright and relaxed look guaranteed.

5) The right shampoo according to the thickness and characteristics of your hair: no more random choices, no more “one or the other.”

Take care of your hair by choosing a suitable shampoo, acting effectively but gently.

And remember

“You can be beautiful at thirty, forty fascinating,

and irresistible for the rest of your life.” Coco Chanel